Seeing the Beauty in Autism

We believe, along with so many others, that individuals with autism are beautiful people. Beth Cameron and her husband, co-founders of Adonis Autism Assistance Foundation, felt the name Adonis was perfect for the description of their grandson. The name was beautiful and reflective of the beauty they saw in their grandson, after whom Adonis Autism was named.

Charlotte Moore, author of the article “Mind the Gap” printed in The Guardian[1], wrote about this beauty that individuals with autism possess.

Is it the absence of the more disfiguring human emotions – guile, malice, greed – that keeps the autistic face characteristically beatific? The eyes are large and bright, the smile undirected and serene. The autist often gives the impression either of concentrating on an inner world, or of looking through and beyond us to something out of reach.

For us ordinary mortals, does beauty have to contain an element of inaccessibility? One thinks of the beauties of fairy tales, untouchable in rose briars or glass coffins; the handsome prince whose face can only be glimpsed at midnight, and who then vanishes.

We believe that there is beauty in autism that is deep and wonderful. To learn more about how you can join with other families who see the beauty in autism, contact us today.

[1] Retrieved from The Guardian.

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