John Khatib’s Vision for Families Living with Autism

Kathy Khatib and her son John have been coming to our meetings since 2012. John is a non-verbal adult with Autism who currently lives with his mom and dad in Naples. After we had been discussing our cohousing community for some time Kathy mentioned that John had made a flier some years ago that was similar to our community. He named it Osprey Village because they admired the dedication and care that osprey mates have for their young. When they brought the flier to the next meeting we realized that John had actually called it a cohousing community.  Thus the name Osprey Village came to be. John is very interested in living in such a community and had had the vision ten years before us.

Kathy like many parents of older persons with autism is concerned for his future because she realizes that she will not be around for John forever. What will happen to John when she and her husband are no longer able to care for him. Without a place like Osprey Village the future looks bleak, a difficult choice between poor alternatives, but what if we create this family oriented disability friendly community? Imagine a future where John would be able to stay in a safe supportive loving environment with people he knows because we created the space and made the plans and agreements to insure his financial future. These are not entirely new ideas they have been worked out by families in senior cohousing communities many times over and they work. They work because there is an entire community with an interest in making sure they do.

What will it take to make this a reality? It will take 25 to 35 families with the same concerns as Kathy and John and a willingness to commit to the dream to make it a reality. Over 120 cohousing communities have been created in this country and many more in Europe and around the world. These people worked hard to create these communities because they saw the great benefits that come from living in community, restoring the support and connection that has been lost in our modern society.  Won’t you join us in creating a bright future and peace of mind for our entire families?

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  1.  by  John Khatib

    Hi Terry and Debby,

    Mom, Dad and I are very pleased and proud of my being included on the Adonis Autism/Osprey Village website.


    John Khatib

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