Families with Autism Feel Hopeless.

Families with autism feel hopeless.

We feel an urgent need for a better plan than the one provided by the government for families with autism.


Families of adults with autism feel unprepared to manage their lives and care for their adult children. As their child becomes an adult the government mandate to provide services and education ends and they are left to their own devices. Where before they were dealing with the many issues associated with raising a child with a disability with support from government agencies, now they are doing it alone. No wonder they feel hopeless.

According to the CDC “It is estimated to cost at least $17,000 more per year to care for a child with ASD compared to a child without ASD. Costs include health care, education, ASD-related therapy, family-coordinated services, and caregiver time. For a child with more severe ASD, costs per year increase to over $21,000. Taken together, it is estimated that total societal costs of caring for children with ASD were over $9 billion in 2011.”

Grappling with these issues we realized that we don’t need to look for additional money for housing, training, transportation and other supportive subsidies. We the people need to band together, realize our shared needs, and explore ways we can provide those missing supports and services in an affordable way. The large expenses housing, food, transportation are already provided by the individual families. Imagine how much more effective we could be if we pooled those resources. This, we believe is the bright path forward.

Families with adult children with autism need new alternative approaches because they can’t afford to continue down the same path. We at Adonis Autism are driven to help these courageous families. Won’t you and your family join with us to create a future for adults with autism. Contact us today for more information.

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