We strive for a world that provides lasting security for families with autism. Our vision is of a community of families with children with disabilities living together in a supportive, caring, and affordable environment.


To support, educate, and advocate for families with adult and adolescent children with autism.


  • We believe there is a need for more support and structure for adult children with autism and their families than the state can be relied upon to provide.
  • We believe that the best, most efficient and effective way to support the adult with a disability is to support the entire family. After all, these are the people most interested in and committed to the well being of the individual. We do that by providing affordable flexible housing options for the entire family in a close knit community.
  • We believe that only by keeping the family unit together can we create an affordable long term care solution for adults with disabilities.
  • We believe that by organizing ourselves and working together to create a co-housing community that is  integrated and supportive like the small towns and villages of an earlier time, we will be better able to help each other and our adult children with autism. See our Osprey Village page for more information.

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